2023 Schedule – Main Stage

Saturday, September 23

12:00 Flag Raising/National Anthem- AmVets Color Guard/ Clyde Bauman

11:00-12:30–  Cottonwood Band- Bluegrass, Country

12:45-2:00– Brianna Helbling- Country, Rock

2:30-4:00– Natalie and Randy – Acoustic Rock and Roll

4:00-4:30– Clint Morgenstern- Country, Rock, Blues

4:30-6:00– That 60’s Band- Rock hits from the 60’s

Sunday, September 24

12:00 Flag raising/National anthem-AmVets Color Guard/Elks Mens Chorus

11:00-12:00– Bluestems- Bluegrass, Country

12:15-12:45– Elks Mens Chorus- Classic, Pop Hits

1:00-2:20– Prairie Road- Acoutic Rock, Country

2:20-2:45– Herlof Huso- Rock, Country

2:45-4:00– Tim Hersman- Country

    2023 Schedule – Outside & Inside Church

    Saturday, September 23

    11:00-12:30- Milton Bradford-Brassy entertainment- Pop, Rock & Family Tunes (outside Church)

    1:00-1:45– Clyde Bauman- Prairie Memories (inside Church)

    2:00-3:00– Legacy Jazz Choirs- Acapella Jazz Choirs (inside Church)

    3:00-3:45– Clint Morgenstern- Country, Rock, Blues (outside Church)

    4:00-5:00– Mylo Hatzenbuhler- Country Comedy/Parodies (inside Church)

    Sunday, September 24

    11:00-12:30– Braveheart Band- Pop, Rock, Irish favorites (inside Church)

    1:00-2:00– Herlof Huso- Rock, Country

      And Many More!