Here is the Music Schedule for Applefest 2017!

Saturday, September 23:

Time                      Band                                                             Location                                                           

11 am                    Lexie and Elise Keller                                      Flagpole (national anthem)

11:15 am              The Master’s Plan                                            Church

11:15 am              The Flea Bitten Tramps                                  Music Tent

12:15 pm              Sister Seven                                                       Flatbed

12:30 pm              Steel Drums (St Mary’s HS)                          Church (outside)

1:30 pm                Rock Creek                                                         Music Tent

1:30 pm                Legacy HS Jazz Choirs                                     Church

2:00 pm                Jessie Veeder                                                    Flatbed (wine tasting)

3:00 pm                Rachel Goettle & Chris Uhler                      Church

4:00 pm                Kat Perkins                                                         Music Tent

4:00 pm                Dakota Nights                                                    Church (outside)


Sunday, September 24:

Time                    Band                                                           Location                                                      

11 am                     Brianna Helbling                                             Flag Pole (national anthem)

11 am                    Bless the Fest                                                     Church Service

12 pm                    Cottonwood                                                      Music Tent

12 pm                    Brianna Helbling & The Outsiders              Flatbed

12 pm                    Johnny Vincent                                               Church area

2 pm                      Elks Men’s Chorus                                         Church

2:30 pm                The Cody Charles Band                                Music Tent